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Charge standard


&Nbsp;   i. starting 150 yuan per car, each 10, lift plus 30 to 50 Yuan. Beyond the city, per km plus 10 Yuan.

&Nbsp;   II. removal from 1.1-meter.

&Nbsp;   III. piano starting price of 300 yuan each plus 20 Yuan

&Nbsp;   v. high floor hanging objects (furniture, appliances, etc) from 500 Yuan.


&Nbsp;   other: large copiers, safes, large fish tank, large mirrors, fitness equipment, more than 34 inch, rear projection TV, LCD TV, more than 200 liter refrigerator, washing machine, glass ceramic products, crafts, antiques and other fragile items each additional 20-200 Yuan.

&Nbsp;   extra charges: moving out and moving into place after the actual distance of more than 10 km, plus 8 yuan each exceeded a kilometer.

&Nbsp;   floor: next floor on each charge 10 Yuan.

&Nbsp;   delay time: caused by customer vehicles in place not delay work, subject to 60 Yuan per person per hour.

&Nbsp;   multiple handling fees: number of loading and unloading in the Middle plus 50 Yuan each within the region.

&Nbsp;   long: when the vehicle is unable to dock in place, need artificial plane carrying more than ten meters, over 1 m plus one Yuan.

&Nbsp;   night resort fee: late 20:00---early 5:00 jobs, each train to 30% service fee.

&Nbsp;   empty charge: vehicle in place, the customer cancel a car idle running on each train costs 150 Yuan.

&Nbsp;   disassembly of furniture: wardrobe, assembling and disassembling the starting price of 100 Yuan; single beds from 30 yuan, double bed 50-80 Yuan; disassembly Office partition 50 Yuan/month; disassembly pallet, 50-200/a conference table.

&Nbsp;   (Note: the Cabinet in case of sliding doors, glass doors every 50 original).

    Air conditioning fees:

Unit: RMB
Power Split single Solid Pack Disassembly and Assembly Add liquid Maintenance/year
1-1.5 60 80 100 80-120 120
2 80 100 150 120-160 180
3 120 150 200 160-200 220
5 150 250 350 200-250 380