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Rental also has a note that Feng Shui problems

    always interested buyers before the geomancy, but rent with notice of geomancy, just easier to solve housing of Feng Shui, felt uncomfortable living direct move can be, this is the Feng Shui the most simply way to rent. Rent when something needs attention.

    first is not the "darkroom". Due to bad design, or be subject to environmental impact, make the room not to see the Sun all day long. This House is not livable for the simple reason, that is due to the lack of light, the room is damp, easier to breed bacteria and germs.

    best look to rent a house in the last second. If the room had problems better not live. Rental of all kinds of people, some effects can last for a very long time, such as smell and magnetic field.

    third to high popularity. Popular essential living alone will often have cold feeling, and more popular South Korean people does not appear, this is the role in popularity. Don't underestimate the popularity popularity agglomeration effect, where popularity more and more, and some not popular will develop into a demon.

    is too old, or even cell phone signal strength is poor are not suitable for rental. Old house dust and bacteria are more detrimental to human health, cell phone signal opportunities is now covering every corner of room without signal must be a reason, such as magnetic field, etc. Rental when it's better to avoid these places.

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