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Into the moving notes and Feng Shui

    a comfortable home environment, not only is the guarantee of life, will bring more peace and happiness and good luck. In life, when there is need to move, such as moving room. From furniture to groceries, 00 total total, large and small, need proper arrangements and care. Moving is really dedicated, but done carefully enough, you will most likely have a certain negative impact.

    move, what should we pay attention to it? Folk custom of moving slightly due to different geographical differences. Move need to prepare all the necessary items, generally speaking, the following essential:

    1, rice: rice barrel, with eight full

    2, red envelopes: on top in m barrels

    3, new broom and dustpan: it needs tying red cloth

    4, water: water barrels of three full

    5, dishes: even better, put it in a bucket

    6, furnace (to select an auspicious day nets remind everyone, here is able to produce an open flame stoves cooker doesn't count)

    move you must put these items into the kitchen, and other things into the House. If necessary, can also bring some mud in the past, avoid acclimatized. In addition, labeled in red couplets for the new House, to Geely. And turn on lights in the House, and seek peace. After the move, evening worship the ground that day, the legendary Foundation of shorter, when you worship at the kitchen door, placed offerings of the table cannot be too high.

    move to the attention of:

    1, move, new home you need to remove something, preferably handled by others. Moved into a new House, best do it yourself. Moved into a new house with his family empty-handed into the House.

    2, into the residence time in the morning, midday or before sunset to avoid at night into the House.

    3, after move, regardless of the length of time, for the sake of family peace, wealth and prosperity, should hold a worship of God, put a small string of firecrackers at home.

    4, if one day when there is no JI, first place, wait until bed time to remove the positioning.

    5, a pregnant woman is best not to move, if not move not, advisable to purchase a brand new broom, sweep to move all furniture by pregnant women, not to tire God.