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Automobile cargo transportation rules

    issuing authority: Ministry of

    publication number: traffic [1999-5th]

    Chapter I General provisions

    first to protect the legitimate rights and interests of automobile cargo transportation parties, clarify that the carrier, the shipper, the consignee and the rights, obligations and responsibilities of other parties, maintain normal order of road freight transport, based on relevant laws and regulations, these rules are formulated.

    article People's Republic of China territory business car cargo transport and cargo handling related activities such as handling, automobile cargo transportation services, shall comply with the rules.

    unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, motor transport and other modes of transport used for transport of the goods under these rules. Tractors and other motor vehicles, non-motorized vehicles engaged in the carriage of goods, can be performed according to these rules.

    article of these rules the following terms mean:

    (a) the carrier refers to use of vehicle engaged in the carriage of goods and operators of freight contracts with shippers.

    (b) shipper refers to units and individuals with the contract of carriage of goods by the carrier.

    (c) the consignee, refers to the contract of carriage of goods specified by the shipper of goods and individuals.

    (d) freight transport agent (hereinafter referred to as forwarding agent), refers to the contract goods in their own name and freight contracts with shipper, carrier operators.

    (e) station operator, is in the station, within the warehousing, storage, packing, handling, loading and unloading business operators.

    (f) the transport period is by supporting both sides mutually agreed, shipment, specific to the destination time. Does not specify the duration of transport, from the date of shipment, according to 200-kilometer 1st distance, transported by vehicle miles in addition to daily margin calculated shipping deadlines.

    (VII) carriers liability period, means from acceptance of goods to the carrier to deliver the goods to the consignee (including in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State handed over to the relevant authorities), goods under the carrier is in charge of all time. The provisions of this article shall not affect the carrier and shipper of goods before loading and after unloading on the responsibilities of the agreements reached.

    (VIII) loading, refers to the beginning and ends of carriage of goods with human or machine will be fitted and the unloading of the goods vehicles and moving jobs to a certain location. Manual handling of no more than 200 metres, mechanical handling of no more than 400 meters (station, within the area of operation excluding cargo handling).

    Chapter two basic conditions for transport

    section of the carrier, the shipper and transport vehicles

    fourth carrier, shipper, freight agent to enter into and execute automobile cargo transportation contract, shall comply with national laws and relevant transport legislation and administrative regulations.

    fifth according to the cargo carrier's needs, according to different characteristics of the goods, provide technical good condition, affordable vehicles, and can meet the requirements of the shipment weight. Used vehicles, containers should be neat in appearance and body, clean and free of contaminants, and residues within the container.

    sixth carry special goods vehicles and container vehicles, equipped with transportation requirements of special devices or equipment.

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