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Moving company with international standards

    whether investment or starting a business now, and in many cases is to wait for opportunities, geographical location and, in the face of urban mobility increases, moving companies have sprung up was established, but people on the service attitude hard to please, look at the moving company service standards in other countries, perhaps we can find our moving industry how to reform.

    We always hated Japan, in many industries, and in some places is indeed worthy of our study. Following are Japan had moved the company's service:

   , in and out of the building, Elevator, stand beside a cardboard sign, reads: "XX moving company job, give you so much trouble." Can also be placed next to the truck. Doing so will not only give the feeling of professional and humane, it is an invisible ad. If the past raised eyebrows looked at or about moving officers can seize the opportunity to pass on information cards.

    second, bowing to the building would not be necessary, move home, bows on all furniture, if the owner asks, moving staff to answer: "this is company policy, expresses respect for the furniture. "This will increase the owners trust the moving company, owners of the bow's motion would be as a new splash, ads cannot be ignored.

    third, each staff tidy uniform, wearing a vest clean, preferably brand new, you can find customized tailor shops or factories, cost between 3-5, cheap fabric, a few dollars a meter, you can do a few things, and then carve a seal, on the vest on the moving company name. Please note: the vest to move without the actual meaning of this clean, play two roles: one is that owners will have a good, clean vest getting dirty in front of owners, who will feel pity, so there will be a sense of value for money. Second, the role of advertising.

    in a group of four, for example, vest costs no more than 20 Yuan, but Word of mouth is formed, moving companies can quotations that are higher than the average 50-80.

    four, only moving company of the high-end market, target customers are families better, the owners of furniture is more expensive, so the propaganda also targeted