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Liu Xun movers happy life: Drudge every day don't feel bitter

    "old ghost, you slowly go badly? "A young Porter and Deng anhua partner, carrying large and heavy wooden cabinet, the young man walked in the first, after Deng anhua, the former by the latter" driven "forward, could not help but remind one," old ghosts "Deng anhua immediately slow down and smiled sheepishly.

    60, for many people is the retirement age, while Deng anhua, 60, and with a group of boys working in a moving company moving. For him, a move hundreds of pounds of weight, back and forth up and down dozens of times is often the case, "work makes me feel too young to do that's really old" lean old Deng said with a smile, his face covered with lines stretching.


    is 60 years old and as hard as a boy

    "go! To work. "October 20, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, old Deng didn't eat lunch, heard a companion say, immediately put out the cigarette in his hand, ran on the moving truck, started the day's first single. Air pollution in the train, while the old Deng talked and laughed all the way.

    East ring road after a community, we will put the stress of work. Need to move customers live on the 5 floor, old Deng a person carrying a 80 kg refrigerator, step by step gingerly go down. Zhihou, cabinets, tables and chairs were moved downstairs, home appliances and other goods. In order to carry these things, old Deng and workers run over more than 10 times, it took 2 hours.

    5 o'clock in the afternoon, moving all the furniture into the truck customers new House downstairs, workers want to move all articles into 7. Because of the high floors, no elevator, all to run several times less, will try to move some more each way, old Deng was no exception. Back after a nearly 40-kilogram mahogany coffee table, he let workers put some clothes, quilts were refused: "old ghost you are 60 years old don't carry so much. ”

    after running five or six times, many workers have had to sit down to drink water, eat a little rest, old Deng is still tirelessly moving things back and forth, sweating, wet to the skin, but still humming a cheerful song.

    at 7 o'clock, old Deng took from 80 Yuan wages, rental estates, back in Northern finches road, 7 people living in a two-bedroom, he eat the second meal of the day. Subsequently, the old Deng took a cold shower, sat on his bed in the living room, put on 250 degrees of reading glasses, look up weekly.