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Riding a bike without a licence when the Republic of China to fine owners move to report

    when the Republic of China

    bike without the "driving" penalties did not discuss

    recently, the Honorary Chairman of the World Congress of sports, International Cycling Union President Verbruggen and President of the International Cycling Union McQuade was invited to come to Nanjing, visit Nanjing to apply for international cycling related matters of the city. As living standards improve, bikes are no longer simply means of transportation, but associated with green and healthy lifestyles. Now Nanjing enjoys biking and buying sports bicycles and public equipment has reached more than 100,000 people.

    to join the ranks of the bike you could imagine the bike when it was first introduced into China, was shelved because of the expensive, complex technology. Until the end of 1946, the Nanjing city bike does all 5,875 vehicles, and riding a bike on the road need to comply with traffic regulations are very complex, comparable to cars.

    reporter Zheng Wenjing

    no pedal on early, with the toes point forward

    bike now has more than 200 years. In 1790, the French xifulake walking in the street by a passing wagon splashed with mud and water, he thought: road so narrow, can put the modified narrow point? So he designed a car only two wheel wood car, this is the first bike in the world. It has no step, no chain, no handlebars, can only rely on the rider double foot pedal to move forward. If you want to change direction, you have to stop moving the car.

    in 1839 and 1853, Englishman Michael Fisher and the Germans invented the bicycle pedal, respectively. In 1869, Xie Ercha invented in chains and axes. 1889 Scots jieluoba invented the hollow inflatable tires. Bike only gradually and today.

    in the years bicycle invention and transformation, these different types of bicycles have reached China.

    scholars min Jin in the early history of Chinese bicycles in the article says: "no later than 1868, have sprung up in Shanghai Street bike. On November 17 of that year, the Shanghai daily reported that the Shanghai bike much, only a few, come in two forms: one is sitting in the car, with a two foot line and another by pedaling and ' turn as fast as. Evidently, when the toes point of Shanghai's bicycles have both the original bike, 1839 and 1853 the Assembly step of the bike. ”

    "super price" bike, first installment

    passed very early, but the bike has never caught on in the early decades. There are several reasons: first, the expensive bicycles in the late Qing in Shanghai, Tianjin and other places that rate generally about 80 pieces of silver dollars, equivalent to the price of a mid-range car today; the second, the bike itself very clumsy, riding skill and hard to grasp, easy to fall; the third, flat, spacious road is not yet common, bike difficult to adapt to the potholed road.

    want to start profitable businesses are trying to sell bikes.

    Shanghai, for example, there have been many special rental bike shop. Tianjin Japan trading firms to sell bikes, also introduced instalment of. 80 silver car "to a maximum of three months, first month for 30 pieces of silver paid 30 pieces of silver for the second month, third month for 20 pieces of silver. If the fuxianyang, each as long as pay 75 Silver. "

    later, 3 Britons on a bicycle trip around the world has come to China, Shen by the continuous reports on this matter, sparked people's interest in cycling. Hankow, Wuhu, Suzhou, three people passing through the Yangtze River Valley and other places, eventually arrived in Shanghai on December 22, 1897, foreigners riding hundreds of bikes in Shanghai the same day to greet them, viewers like tide.

    on April 1, 1898, Declaration in the form of editorials published on the front page of a bold prediction: the bike will eventually prevail. Articles describe Shanghai: "the past few years, Yu juxirenduoxi learning in Shanghai. He went on weaving, handy, following sudden freely. "And, for example, 1871 the German army was using bicycle Messenger during the battle, Japan also has purchased bike used to train soldiers, rationing of guns and food, March didn't want to ride, you can also move," March of the weapon than this. ”

    Republic of "the capital of power plant", but rode a bike to the meter

    bike is not only convenient armies, there are government offices and post office staff.

    1911 Shanghai post Bureau from the United Kingdom bought 100 bicycles, started posting messages with a bike. This is a bicycle as means of transport being used for the first time, bicycles began to be divided into public and private. Other major cities followed suit, including Nanjing.

    Zhang Zhifeng literature lovers in the period of Republic of China issue of monthly magazine of power plants in the capital found evidence. "In 1928, Nanjing, Jiangsu provincial electric plant called ' power plant, the capital ', both within and outside the city of Nanjing and the Shimonoseki port is their business. Due to construction, Nanjing city's power lines are getting longer and longer. Thus, ' power plant, the capital ' for the relevant personnel equipped with bicycles. Photos in the magazine, uniformed ' capital power plants ' Electrical Inspectors vigorously riding a bicycle to the meter. Visible, with bicycles are relatively rare at the time, so it will become the key picture framing. ”

    surprising, but it cannot be denied that social classes have already started riding a bike down, rich people can buy.

    bicycle and cycling in China by the Shanghai Academy of social sciences, Mr Hsu Chen (1868-1949) was cited in the book, a report translated in Japan around the Trade Bulletin Japan consular's report to China, from which we can understand the situation of Nanjing at that time sold bicycles.

    report said that at the time, Nanjing monopoly bicycle merchants only Chang, detaichang, Caroline Yuan and Ironmonger run bike. With Chang in the company's bikes are shipped here from the total number in Shanghai and several other bike was purchased from Shanghai. Nanjing shipped the bike most of Germany, few are Japan. This minority Japan bike is not directly go to Shanghai to buy businesses, but Commission Shimonoseki Hubei Street second day Samsung set firms on behalf of merchants.

    motivational started a bicycle training course in Nanjing

    bikes getting more up, but can be used, also can play. At that time, the Nanjing Central martial arts Pavilion has specialized vehicles, as well as cyclists. They not only faster and better by bike, and can also play with stunts, playing with street bike stunts play it cool as any boy.

    November 1929, the martial arts entertainment Conference held in Hangzhou, bike experts from Central martial arts Hall Chenbin Li performed a bicycle driving skills and a unicycle. Chenbin Li-and-bicycle wheels, jumping, can also make people lying on the ground, he rode a bike from them, one jumps over, which are fresh and wonderful performances drew bursts of applause from the audience. Later, Nanjing motivational started a bicycle course, invited Chenbin Li as a coach.

    "at that time, inspiring yourself magazine, published news of the start-up training courses, where politicians may enter. Special is that the bike was called ' cycling ', this name gradually had lost. "Zhang Zhifeng, told reporters.

    magazine Shang of training course note is such wrote of: "to habit cycling technology, and promotion health for purposes; where army political people are can registration; since now up to this month 19th weizhi are can registration; wants to participate in of people need first to inspirational social sports section registration and paid corners money, members registration costs halved; free car need personal owned; each Wednesday 5:30 P.M. to 6:30; class date is July 19, training to September end of weizhi ; Training place in the inspirational football stadium. ”

    when the Republic of China, Nanjing has held several bike race

    during the Republic of China, Nanjing has also hosted the cycling many times, but most of them only male players can participate.

    Journal of Jiangsu Province, according to the sporting record, the 30 's of the last century, had held for three consecutive years the province of Jiangsu bicycle race venue in Zhenjiang. The first on November 27, 1932, has 21 athletes, all male, the first named Wu Taikang. Second is November 26, 1933, there were 27 participants, all were male. The third is a 1934, there were 29 participants, remain all male.

    on May 8, 1934, when Lin Sen as Chairman of the national Government in the mausoleum hosted the cycling, the race is divided into male and female groups, attracted the participation of military and many people from all walks of life in Nanjing.

    inspirational has also held several bicycle race. In 1936, singled in the third competition car brochure: Nanjing people can attend, but men are limited. In addition, the participants their attendant; advance 1 hour response time checking vehicles compete the way participants need to affix number at front and back half-bike damaged, may not change bicycle each contestant to pay the application fee of 1 point; after the game, drinking from the top five inspirational social gift prizes.

    on October 19, 1936, the JoongAng daily reported the game was: "third session organised by the inspirational public bicycle race, held at eight o'clock yesterday in front of the Club, sign up for 85 people, and only 55 people ... ... Entrance, along cemetery road, to the central pool, inspirational gate back, covering 13,000 meters, Zhang guotai in the excellent record of 29 minutes, 35 seconds, won the Championship and broke the previous record. ”

    bicycle riders moving to report, by bike or a hanging lamp at night

    Republic of China, the bicycle is the most populous city, Shanghai, Nanjing, of course, nothing less. According to statistical information shows the Nanjing municipal government works, as of December 31, 1946 in Nanjing used 5,583 bicycle registration, operating a bicycle, 292, 5,875. Since there are so many bikes on the road, should have traffic laws to bind.

    reporter check out Republic literature traffic police handout Shi found, in Appendix of Nanjing land traffic management rules third chapter Nineth section, specifically listed has about bike of traffic regulations: (a) car pieces should seeking complete; (ii) car Shang should placed hand Bell; (three) a car no two people total took; (four) before and after round at least must installed a brake, its business power to can Yu car downhill Shi stop car zhixia behavior standard; (five) Yu day behind dawn Qian driving, Hanging in front of white light a lamp, rear red reflective device stone piece. If you do not follow these laws, fines of between 1 Yuan and 5 Yuan.

    there are also a smattering of rules, such as: their bicycles shall not be leased or privately opening on pain of fines of between 3 Yuan and 5 Yuan. If the bicycle ownership transfers, transfer formalities should apply to the city government works, on pain of fines of between 1 Yuan and 2 Yuan. Bike owners moved out of the site should be reported to the municipal government works in the 5th, the offender fines of between 1 Yuan and 2 Yuan.

    When bicycles and cars, are licensed. Has received a licence did not hang up the bike cannot be driven on the road, offenders, 1 Yuan fine. Licences are damaged, leading to illegible, should be replaced immediately, offenders between 1 and 0.5 Yuan fine.

    not only has a licence, as well as "driver's license". The rules of road traffic management in Nanjing, all vehicles must carry traffic "driver's license" for inspection, no one will be punished, which bike will be 1 Yuan fine.