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Move to bring health and wealth?

    a new study shows that move out of poor communities will not help low-income families get out of poverty, but it can make them healthier and happier.

    in the journal Science (Science) recently published a paper, from the University of Chicago (University of Chicago), Harvard University (Harvard) and other researchers, discuss the "move to find new opportunities" (Moving to Opportunity) project results. The project is an applied experimental federal housing program in the 1990 of the 20th century, through to more than more than 2000 housing subsidy vouchers for low-income families to help them move from poor communities to live in mixed communities in different income groups. In this study, control for demographic characteristics similar to but have no access to housing-subsidy vouchers to help families.

    since she moved to the suburbs and beyond, Oliver began to learn, her goal is to become a consultant on drug abuse.

    "move for new opportunities" project is designed to raise levels of education and income, it is for mothers and their children provides a number of ways to get more comfortable housing, better schools, better jobs, and social networks. However, in these areas, these initiatives do not achieve the desired results. Project participants did move into a better House and the greater security community, but little benefit in terms of economy and education.

    Nevertheless, the researchers found, the project may have effect in improving the living conditions of the family members. Compared to the family and stay in the same place is not moving, project participants had diabetes, extreme obesity and sharp decline in rate of anxiety disorders. Not only that, but moved the family to live on the whole are much more satisfied with, the researchers said, it is critical.

    Janes, the lead author of the study, the University of Chicago Economist? Ludwig (Jens Ludwig) says, "people of the communities have been concerned about a family living in economic impact with regard to education for families, but it turns out its influence in these two areas are not very large. People have been really concerned and worried about are not comprehensive and help poor families more than improving their income as simple as that. ”

    moved into more secure community will to a large extent in changing people's lives, but if you move into the area is the area inhabited by races, the situation is different. In recent decades, although United States social apartheid melting, but people are in accordance with the economic situation again dividing rich and poor grades, more and more poor people gathered in a certain area, this situation is worrying. Researchers found that, from the perspective of quality of life over the past 40 years, poor living concentration increased nearly offset by a United States revenue growth for the poor.

    Ludwig said, "increasing segregation between rich and poor to offset the negative influence of the family the income of poor households the benefits of growth. ”

    Sabrina? Oliver (Sabrina Oliver) originally lived in the Baltimore Center, crime is rampant in this area, on the porch of her home will be in their own catch drug traffickers. Her daughter suffered from severe asthma, Oliver also depression, despair, unable to work. But her worst fears, and teenage sons.

   , Oliver says, "I didn't want him to make friends with the children. You will lose your child, their fate is not in jail die. ”

    three years ago, Oliver and her family through Baltimore mobile home plans (Baltimore Housing Mobility Program) to move to the suburbs. This project has been implemented for nearly ten years, aimed at helping poor families to move to better community to live in. Now, can follow schools of learning, the son of Oliver, daughter's asthma is almost healed, and Oliver also worked part-time work and while I study at the University, the goal is to become a consultant on drug abuse. Oliver said the air and good living environment and the quality of the school, which has undergone enormous changes in our lives. But move affected a lot more than that.

   , Oliver said, "you see all the families are in a normal and orderly operation: the parents go out to work, children went to school. I don't think my children will become the host of social welfare institutions, because my life has completely changed, and the changes they saw me. ”

    United States Civil Liberties Union (American Civil Liberties Union) branch of the Maryland real estate lawyer Barbara? Samuels (Barbara Samuels) participate in the monitoring of the implementation of Baltimore mobile home plans, she thinks that Oliver is not surprising. She said, "the surroundings will make you feel hopeless and helpless, compression of the body feeling. ”

    Samuels and other experts believe that "moving to find new opportunities" only to a certain extent, the participants in the economic benefit. Because, for those who want to move into a real middle-class communities, access to quality education services family housing subsidy vouchers is utterly inadequate. For example, it is Baltimore mobile home plans, family was able to move from Baltimore to Anna Oliver? Alan de counties (Anne Arundel County), and "moving to find new opportunities" project there couldn't help her at this point.

    one of the authors of the study, Harvard economist Lawrence? Katz (Lawrence Katz) also agree that most families in the study were not able to move into a better school district. He said on some other projects (such as vocational training programs) to help participants improve their income.

    Katz says, "got a good job may be where you really doesn't matter. ”

    in recent years, some economists have been concerned about people's happiness and a number of other standards to measure happiness, like wealth, income that traditional measuring rod cannot fully reflect people's feeling. In a paper published in the journal Science that the study, staff asked participants to adopt the conventional three-point standard to rate their own happiness.

    compared with the findings of the past, this time, the researchers found that, from the perspective of well-being and community poverty levels by 13% and annual revenue increase of $ 13,000 to human feeling is the same. While the median household income is only $ 20,000 class, $ 13,000 per cent is very striking.