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Piano transportation

Piano transportation

    piano handling is a headache thing, a lot of expensive equipment, fragile parts, finished product protection in the course of relocation to be extra careful, these problems please rest assured! Chongqing Hsing moving services company will send professionals to a site do for you the most thoughtful and factory relocation plans, relocation of our employees have a strong sense of protection, careful packaging and a reasonable amount of code, that your condition, move the plant in Chongqing area, we can do better!

    of strength

    Chongqing Hsing moving services company that relocated more than more than 40 units, fork lift 3 ton, 5 ton, heavy lifting, shifting equipment; its removal, disassembly and assembly workers, lifting master, cleaning staff have been professional training certificates and company has signed a formal contract of conscientious staff. They are meticulous and skilled master their respective expertise, in order to perfect the technology, quality of service, satisfaction with the quality, affordable price to return the old and new customers; such as handling, precision instruments, such as the piano; packing, loading, placement of furniture and objects, and so on.

    our factory relocation services: Chongqing plant relocation, material delivery, large-scale equipment hoisting shift, Super items transported as old factories, scrap, on-site production of assembly line work, factory cleaning, air conditioning installation recovery and maintenance, warehouse of exemption pre-arranged.

    new plant has just renovated, do you need to do a whole cleaning?

    factory-a large number of air conditioning, do you want to do some cleaning and maintenance? Waste air conditioning if you want to deal with?

    factories have moved away, have you thought about those who waste the opportunity to dispose of them.