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Long short distance transport

Long short distance transport
&Nbsp;   Chongqing XING XING moved service company has various model of big small truck, and flatbed, and large hanging machine, and and has a after training of professional handling personnel, can engaged in Chongqing both inside and outside of moved moved factory, and equipment lifting, and products packaging, and moved factory moved company, business, can makes you of goods security shortcut, on time arrived destination, just you dialed we of service hotline, set will makes you more than satisfaction. Reasonable price, fast speed, easy procedures to successfully complete our circulation of this important link. We are your factory relocation transportation company, listen to your arrangement at any time and follow your development! Company business scope: moving, moving, moving company, moving the piano, long short-distance goods transport, long short distance moving, removal, disassembly and Assembly of furniture.

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